The best companies in this fast-paced – and technologically enhanced – world offer a variety of services, in addition to a customized approach for their customers. Harmani Associates International is a multi-branch company, whose diversification of services allows our clients to find an answer for their needs – all in one place.

Harmani Associates International has business relationships with various non-profit organizations, government agencies, and corporations. We also distribute our products and services to various schools, retail stores, local communities, and targeted online platforms, in order to provide a high level of quality output from each of the four segments that we operate. Those segments include: Men’s retail, Educational Services, Digital Media Publishing, Technology & Web Solutions.

We offer educational services that help our clients develop the skills necessary to create their own success. Our children’s publishing branch and digital media services allow Harmani Associates International to be considered a real online publishing powerhouse. Harmani Associations International also provides services associated with high fashion – and stylish – men’s retail.

The focus of these companies may vary, but we are able to bring them together with our expertise in technology development; we also provide a series of quality web solutions – with an emphasis on consultation and content development.

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