Harmani Academy

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Continuing Education

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Harvard, Kellogg, London School of Economics,
Waseda Business School

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1.888.287.0275 Ext. 2

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Harmani (‘Harmony’) Academy offers a unique educational experience, which combines diversity, knowledge, and intercultural understanding, in order to prepare students for career placement and leadership roles. Students that take advantage of this online, continuing education and training platform could gain global leadership skills; the skills learned through Harmani Academy will prepare students for service roles, in addition to helping each individual achieve school admission, as well as career entrance and advancement.

Services Offered

Continuing Education, Online Education, IVY League Admissions, ESL, Professional Training

It was a pleasure attending Harmani Academy. My tutor provided me with detailed instructions during my lessons and was very easy to work with. As a result, I was able to get admitted to the London School of Economics. Additionally, I passed the TOEIC® and TOEFL® with very high scores.

"S. Fujii (Harmani Academy Alumni)"

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