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Information Technology

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AVG, HP, CloudFlare, Citrix
Carbonite, Microsoft

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1.888.287.0275 Ext. 1

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RocketZoo Technologies is a leading provider of powerful and affordable on-line, IT Help Desk Support for the legal, educational, non-profit, governmental and business communities. At RocketZoo Technologies, we value our customers, their time, and their businesses. Our mission is to provide the best technological, web-based support services that law firms, schools, organizations and businesses can afford.

Services Offered

Secure Network Monitoring, Remote IT Support, IT Vendor Management

RocketZoo Technologies has provided affordable Internet access and help desk support services for City of Philadelphia low-income families when many thought it would be impossible to do so. RocketZoo Technologies is truly a godsend.

"Rev. M. Mumford"

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